Information technologies in education

From November, 17 till November, 22 the international congress of conferences and an exhibition has taken place in Moscow (, 1000 participants who have collected more and more than 5000 visitors.

Conference has passed within the precincts of the Russian university of friendship of peoples

In an exhibition have taken part (on sections)

- Electronic editions and resources:

1С (,
Astersoft (
HyperMethod (
ИнисСофт (
ИстраСофт (
Кирилл и Мефодий (tp://
МедиаХауз (
Multimedia of technology and Remote training (
Новый Диск (
Просвещение-Медиа (
Физикон (;

- Systems of automation: Department of education of Moscow (
ФинПромМаркет-XXI (
Хронобус (;

- Industrial technologies in formation(education): ABBYY (
ALT Linux (
ASP Linux (
Sun Microsystems (;

Educational and Internet - projects: Intel (
ГУ "РЦ ЭМТО" The Ministry of Education of Russia (
The Moscow international institute econometric, computer science, the finance and the right (
Scientifically industrial enterprise "BIT-Pro" (
Society KNOWLEDGE of Russia (
Cyril's and Mefidy's open university (
The Perm state technical university (
The transparent world (
Modern humanitarian academy (
Тhe Taganrog state radio engineering university (
Tomsk state university of control systems and radio electronics (
Federation the Internet of Education (;

- Publishing houses: БИНОМ. Laboratory of knowledge (
Корус (
Питер (
Finance and statistics (;

- Magazines and newspapers of sphere of education: Информатика (
Информатика и образование (
Компьютерные инструменты в образовании (
Компьютерные учебные программы и инновации (
Лицейское и гимназическое образование, Сеть образовательных СМИ (
Элитное образование (;

- Suppliers of the equipment: Apple (
TDS Promethean Deutschland GmbH (
Institute of new technologies (

At conference has sounded about hundred reports. The published collection includes more than 700 reports.

The most interesting report on fractals

Program "Gramotey" - a simulator for increase of literacy

R.Muhamediev about a complex «I Want to know everything!»

Night walks across Moscow.