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All subjects in one disk. Usually training disks contain the information either on mathematics or on languages, that is about separate subjects. « I Want To Know everything! » - all in one disk. Not simply the information, and games, tests, tasks, examples. The structure of a disk includes modules of Russian, of Latvian language (for those who studies the Latvian language as foreign), on mathematics (a level - the end of the first class, the second class and the beginning of the third class, under the multiplication table it it is possible to use a simulator and in the fourth class), on natural study (a level from the end of the first class and prior to the beginning of the third), on development of skills of work with the keyboard and a mousy and, besides on music, the fine arts, and development of memory.

All in Russian and Latvian languages. In one disk all in two languages. Simply we switch language of dialogue. The disk can be used for studying language.

Full conformity to standards of training. Corresponds to that school boys in 2nd class study. It is possible to use for development and fastening in 3-rd class and at the end of 1st class for capable children.

Development of memory. Special programs for development and testing of memory. For all age.

Music and picture galleries. The whole encyclopedia of musical instruments (all tools of the big symphonic orchestra and tests) and to pictures (picture galleries of artists of Latvia and Russia).

The program exists in versions for home use (Home) and schools (Server).

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