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I Want To Know Everything! 2 - Versions

Home version

It is possible to get "Want To know Everything" for home use. Home version works directly from a laser disk in two languages training. Full installation on a hard disk of a computer is not required. Herewith:

All subjects on one disk. Usually training disks contain the information either on mathematics or on languages, that is in separate subjects. "I want to know everything!" - all on one disk. Not simply the information, and games, tests, tasks, examples. The structure of a disk includes modules on Russian, mathematics, natural study (a level of an elementary school), on development of skills of work with the keyboard and a mousy and, besides on music, the fine arts, and development of memory.

Full conformity to standards of training.

Development of memory. Special programs for development and testing of memory. For all age.

Music and picture galleries. The whole encyclopedia on musical instruments (all tools of the big symphonic orchestra and tests) and to the fine arts (picture galleries of artists of Latvia and Russia).

Server version

For schools and other educational institutions the program is established on a server of a computer class. The server version not only contains all listed above elements, but can be supplemented also with modules which now are in development, tests and other materials, including author's materials of teachers. The complex is established and works at schools already during two years and has deserved a high estimation of experts. Its integrated character, conformity to standards, methodical support, uniform style on all disciplines, an opportunity of development is marked.

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