To Teachers & Parents

I Want To Know Everything! - is an excellent assistant in study!

More than 30 programs on one disk!
Here the mathematics turns to fascinating game!
At a lesson of the Latvian language feed the crocodile.
At a lesson of natural study be sent in space or plant a wood.
Not leaving a house, be sent to old Riga.
Listen to the symphony or a jazz.
Visit picture gallery.
Train the memory.
All basic subjects of an elementary school and many other things!
All this on one disk also corresponds to a technique and programs of training in 1, 2 and 3 classes of an elementary school (an elementary school 1-4).
The program exists in versions for home use (Home) and schools(Server).


To Teachers & Parents

I Want To Know Everything! 3 - is in a stage of development.

16.11.03 Exhibition IТE 2003 in Moscow, in which we also took part, has passed.
  The information by a technique of training with use " I Want To Know Everything! " (It is checked up by experience!)   Program for creating of school time tables. Fast and Comfortable! «Download»

A lot of useful information for students.
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